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What to Expect from an Excellent Mountain Creek Day Care

Mountain Creek Day CareThe perfect Mountain Creek day care centre for your child must offer high-quality services. Day care services are important to most parents and guardians. This way, you can plan your work better and continue working as needed. Children as young as 15 months can find a suitable place in a child care facility. When looking for these services, taking time to look at various options is key. Your child’s well-being will depend on it. At the end of your search, choosing an excellent childcare facility is the way to go. Thankfully, Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre is a great option. Below are the top offerings at this centre.


A Mountain Creek day care centre with fee-free public holidays


The cost of day care can be a bit overwhelming for many parents. In this regard, you will be looking for high-quality services that are well within reach. Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre has taken the initiative to make your burden lighter. It offers fee-free public holidays so that you do not have to pay the gap fee if your child is booked on a Monday or Friday public holiday. When the service is closed, you do not have to foot the cost. Overall, the cost of day care here is highly competitive and reasonable. There are easy payment options including Centrepay.


A Mountain Creek day care that is versatile


As a parent, your work schedule can be complicated. Indeed, you want a day care program that will meet your individual needs. At Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre, there are a variety of care options which are long day care, before and after school care, and vacation care. Children from 15 months all the way to 12 years are accommodated here. This way, you do not have to worry about your children when duty calls or when you have to take a vacation. This flexibility is indeed helpful not just to the parents but to the children as well.


Amenities that promote natural play


Play is at the heart of growing up and all children need it. This centre offers your child excellent tools to promote natural play. From garden excursions to a water park that is child-safe, there is so much to do. Your child can also engage in dancing, singing and all manner of sports. The centre also has a vibrant nutrition policy where high-quality healthy meals and snacks are served. Children are grouped according to their ages and abilities. There is a qualified educator for every group of 5 children below the age of 3 years. Above 3 years, every class of 11 children will have one educator. This is to uphold the learning standards as stipulated by the government approved framework used at the childcare centre.


Qualified and diligent staff


From the supervisor to the director and the educators, Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre has a diligent and passionate staff. In fact, they have been rated highly by the National Quality Standards assessment where relationships with children and staffing management are concerned. The staff here strives to make the centre exceptional. In so doing, you can trust this Mountain Creek day care centre to care and mould your child in the right direction.