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What are the benefits of child care?

This is a question that frequently arises before you even have a child, it comes up after you have had a child, and it continues to come up often during conversations about child care with friends, family, and other mums. It is an important question, and it is good to fully understand the answer to help your child or children have the best start in their learning and development, so read on to get all the information you will ever need on the subject.

What Are the Benefits of Child Care?

1). Improves Communication and Social Skills

Not every child is born as a natural extrovert, not every kid wants to be the life and soul of the party, nor do they get much enjoyment from spending time hanging out with other kids or making friends. If your child is on the shy side or doesn’t like to meet new kids, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, children mixing with others in a daycare environment from a young age can help your child overcome shyness and social anxiety, and help them become better communicators and socialisers in the future. Even if your child is outgoing, all children need to learn about social cues, boundaries, friendships, non-verbal cues, and everything else in between, and daycare is the perfect place for kids to get a jump on things and start learning skills that will help them from a young age.

2). Your Child Will Be More Likely to Enroll in Higher Education

It may sound crazy but studies and frequently shown that children who were part of a good quality daycare as small children were around four times as likely to go on to study in higher education and obtain a degree. The connection between daycare and future success in education and employment is not just a coincidence; daycare is an essential part of a child’s development and will have a substantial impact on their future.

3). Children Are More Prepared for School

Heading off to school is a massive milestone in a kid’s life, for the child but also the parent. As a parent, there are so many things you go through when dropping your kid off for their first day. You have to deal with the worry of not knowing how your child is, if they are making friends, if they are overwhelmed, and a thousand other little things to make even the best of us worry.

But daycare is the perfect opportunity for your child to learn about routine and structure – school won’t seem like as big of a deal if they have previously spent their days at daycare. Your child won’t feel separation anxiety or feel as overwhelmed with the thought of being out all day because they have already gone through the emotions at the beginning of daycare. School is the same thing for them, just in a different place.

4). They Have a Better Chance at Building Their Immune System

Being out and about, and amongst other kids is going to mean that your kid will get sick now and then, but the benefit of this is that their immune systems are being strengthed from a young age which is better for their overall health in the long term. Studies show that kids suffer from infections and sickness less once they hit elementary school if they have spent time at daycare first.

5). Introduction to New Foods

A priority of most daycares is to provide the children with balanced and nutritious food. It may even include food that you don’t usually have in your home, or that your kid has never tried before. Fortunately, kids are more likely to be open to trying new foods around other kids than they are with their parents. Other kids eating the same thing is a positive influence, and many kids grow to love healthy and nutritious foods from a young age due to daycare meals.

As you can see, there are some serious benefits to having children in daycare, for their development and growth now, but also for their future. One this is for sure, there is never a need for you to feel guilty about your child being in daycare, the positives are abundantly clear!

What Are the Benefits of Child Care for Very Young Children?

Mountain Creek takes on children as young as fifteen months, but is there a point? Are there benefits for children so young? The answer is yes! As you watch your child grow from being just a baby, you will notice how quickly they learn to recognise voices, sounds, and sights, and how quickly they pick up habits and cues. Even if your child cannot speak yet, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a thousand things going on inside their head. Children are incredible learners and can benefit from non-verbal interaction just as much as verbal.

What Are the Benefits of Child Care at Mountain Creek?

Mountain Creek’s priority and purpose is to take the utmost care of your child, while also ensuring they are learning and having fun. There is an excellent range of services and activities provided, as listed below, that are there according to the children’s age and needs.

  • Long days for parents who have long working hours
  • Kindergarten programme that is approved by the government
  • Healthy and nutritious meals are included
  • Team of staff who are highly qualified and passionate about the care and education they provide for the children
  • Excursions involving community gardens
  • Playtime in the water park and other activities outside
  • Dance and sport programmes
  • Programme in partnership with the Sunshine Coast council about sustainability and recycling
  • Open every week of the year, so you never have to stress about your working hours
  • Having an excellent balance in providing a fantastic service without it breaking the bank

There are no better hands for your child to be in than at Mountain Creek, they have spent the last twenty years, ensuring that every child has the most fun and rewarding experience possible. So, the next time you are asked, what are the benefits of child care? You’ll know exactly how to answer.