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Top Ten Factors to Consider When Selecting a Daycare Learning Centre

Daycare Learning Center The search for a suitable daycare learning centre should begin anywhere from two to six months, before you plan to go back to work. This will give you ample time to find the most appropriate daycare facility to meet the specific needs of your child. However, with so many childcare centres out there, finding the right one can be a tough call for any parent. Here are a few factors that you should consider when searching for a fitting daycare learning centre.


What you Should Consider in a Daycare Learning Center

– Location

You should choose a childcare facility that is closer to where you live or work. This will make it convenient for you to drop and pick up your child from the centre. Moreover, you can drop by at any time to check on the welfare of your child and ascertain if various programs the centre promised are actually existent. If you opt for a distant daycare centre, then you should look into the security of the area and gather any other relevant information concerning the facility.


– Hours of Operation

The hours of operation are of utmost importance. This will help you schedule your day appropriately. In addition, you should check and understand any policies the centre has on late pick-ups, to help you prepare for unforeseen situations. For instance, some daycares may not allow another person other than the parent to pick up a child from the centre. This may cause an inconvenience if you are not available.


– Licensing and Credentials

It is only sensible to enrol your child in a government-approved and certified daycare learning centre. The best way to go about it is to verify any relevant licenses, certificates or permits obtained by the centre. Also, all the staff must possess the necessary skills and experience in handling and taking care of children. This will ensure that your child learns from the experts in the industry.


– School Environment

Your child may spend the next five years at the same daycare learning centre before joining school. With this in mind, it is imperative to look for a facility that offers positive experiences. The centre should have teachers, caregivers or educators who are friendly, compassionate and welcoming. Also, the school environment should be conducive for children to learn and pick up skills naturally.


– Daycare Learning Centre Ratio Requirements

Different institutions have different policies as far as staff to children ratio is concerned. However, the National Quality Framework (1,10F) under the Australian Children’s Education 8, Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) recommends a ratio of 1A to 1:10 for centre-based services. This means that 1 teacher or caregiver should look after 4 to 10 children at a time. The lower the ratio the better it is for your child to learn and acquire skills.


Educators in a Daycare Learning Center – Learning Programs

You might not know this but learning typically starts from the time your child is born. For this reason, it is advisable to enrol your toddler in a daycare facility that offers a reasonable curriculum that matches the specific educational needs of your child. Essentially, the learning programs on offer should lay a good academic foundation for your child. Moreover, the programs should stimulate the mind of the child, and help trigger their imagination as they prepare for school and life ahead.


– Nutrition

Nutrition is a vital part of the growth and development of a child. The good news is that most institutions provide meals to kids. However, you must find out if the meals or snacks provided meet your expectations, in terms of nutritional value. You also need to establish how frequently the daycare learning centre provides snacks, and how it handles issues such as food allergies. This will go a long way to allay any fears you might have, especially if your child is allergic to various types of food.


– Staff Turnover

Staff turnover rates can give you a clear picture of how the administration runs the daycare learning centre. If the turnover rates are too high, it only means that the admin or manager of the centre has poor management or interpersonal skills, thus the high rates. Constantly changing your staff may create confusion during the learning process, hence negatively affecting your child.


– Cleanliness of the Daycare Learning Centre

It is understandably difficult to maintain a high level of hygiene when children are involved. In any case, kids tend to be naughty and playful, subsequently leaving everything in a mess. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse to enrol your child in a dirty, unhygienic daycare learning centre. Areas such as the kitchen, washrooms, and bathrooms should be spotlessly clean. The lawns and gardens should also have a high standard of cleanliness. This helps to avoid build-up of pathogens, contamination or the spread of diseases.


– Costs and Available Subsidies

Daycare services do not come cheaply. However, this does not mean that you should opt for the most expensive daycare learning centre in your area. Ideally, you should shop around for a centre that offers exceptional services at pocket-friendly rates. You should inquire about the registration costs, weekly or monthly rates and any other charges, including meals. In addition, ask about available subsidies such as fee-free holidays. This will go a long way to help you select a rate that works best for you.


More Information on Choosing a Daycare Learning Center 

Find a Daycare Learning Centre That Cares About Your Child The process of finding an appropriate daycare learning centre for your child can be a long and protracted journey. However, Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre makes it easy for everyone by offering exceptional childcare services.


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