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Sunshine Coast Family Day Care, A Focus on Continuity

Sunshine Coast Family Day Care Sunshine Coast family day care understands that childhood education and care not only has a huge impact on the child’s life but also the rest of the family. We help build consistent routines that promote unlimited learning opportunities for your children. Parents can relax knowing that their children are thriving in a safe environment.


Challenges of raising a child in the modern era

Historically, children have been typically looked after by their parents, close family members, neighbours, and friends. This meant that there was a lot of consistency in their lives. The modern life has forced working parents to rely on paid childcare which has a positive Impact.


Sunshine Coast Family Day Care Focuses On Continuity

The modern way of life has forced may parents to enrol their children in childcare settings at a tender age. Sunshine coast family day care understands that these early years are critical developmental stages that have an impact on them for the rest of their lives.

As such they need high-quality and consistent care to achieve the benefits that will last them a lifetime. This is exactly what our day care services offer.


Why Is Sunshine Coast Family Day Care Focused On Continuous Care?

It promotes cognitive development

Here is how consistent early childhood care can promote cognitive development. Children enrolled in a centre that offers high-quality curricula appropriate content enables them to develop the right cognitive skills.

These include the ability to identifying and recognise colours in preschool, showing interest in songs and stories read out aloud during infancy, and the ability to write alphabet letters in kindergarten. A continuum in learning is important because it helps children build on their existing skills. This makes it easier for them to easily acquire new skills and knowledge.


Emotional and Social growth

With years of experience in the child care industry, we noticed that children that stick with the same child care facility felt more secure and confident. This is because time has enabled them to create positive bonds with the children and the caregivers in our facility.

Having a sense of security promotes the eagerness to learn and explore. Such a child is also willing to play games with rules or work with other children to accomplish goals.

Children who experience continuous care also develop great social skills. They are better negotiators and interact with others easily. They also demonstrate less aggressive behaviour.


Improved Language Development

Language development typically occurs at the ages of 1-5 years. Children who are raised in an environment with familiar caregivers and other children around them are more likely to engage in age-appropriate conversations frequently.

These consistent daily interactions result in optimal development of language skills including conversational skills and vocabulary development. We develop the children’s language skills through daily group discussions, songs, finger-plays, and read-aloud.


Why Work With Us?

Your 1st priority as a parent should be to choose a child care provider who offers a loving and secure environment. Consistency is also critical in your child’s life. Such provider partners with you to ensure quality service delivery. At Sunshine coast family day care, our services are tailored to promote continuity in early childhood care which results in physically, emotionally and socially adjusted kids.