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Strides towards diversity, working women into senior roles


Strides towards diversity, working women into senior roles diversity, and the progress of working women into senior roles, remains a hot topic not just in Australia, but also globally. The issue was brought front of mind for me very recently, after receiving the Order of Australia in this years Australia Day Honours List. Much of the press commentary for this years awards focused on the diversity statistics of the award winners 31 per cent this year were female, a significant improvement on last years 26 per cent.

Childcare and pregnancy related challenges are undoubtedly one of the biggest blocks to women’s progression in the workplace. Pre-eclampsia is an issue close to my heart after I suffered from it just before the birth of my son some 13 years ago. At the time I was in the midst of a major mining dispute and not only was suddenly being ordered to take immediate bed rest – a big shock to me personally – it also had a significant impact on my practice, disrupting my handover plans and affecting my work. Read more…