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Services to Expect from a Child Care Centre in Maroochydore

Child Care Centres in MaroochydoreChild care centres in Maroochydore have a lot to offer. When your young child is ready for child care and early learning, you will most likely be looking for an ideal facility. Because not all centres will provide what they promise, taking time to look at what they offer is critical. You want child care service that caters to the individual needs of your child. To this end, you must look for the most suitable services. To narrow your search, Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre is an excellent place for your child. The following is a breakdown of what they offer.


One of the child care centres in Maroochydore with a holistic approach to learning


At this early learning facility, your child is cared for holistically. This means that it is not all about learning but rather learning through play and practical approaches. The environment enables every child to grow in every aspect as they tap into the guidance of qualified educators and caregivers. This is a centre where children will experience great fun and make memories they will never forget. Children are trained to fully appreciate people of all cultures even as they embrace the gift of learning in a play-based framework. The centre is part of a thriving community where children foster a sense of togetherness.


An example of child care centres in Maroochydore catering to children of all ages


Mountain Creek child care centre accommodates a variety of ages from 15 months to 12 years. Most children will be ready for early learning by 3 years of age. However, parents here have the option for daycare services for children from 15 months. Learning can never start too early and every age is treated with an appropriate curriculum to meet their developmental needs. Children of 15 months to 3 years will have 1 educator for every 5 children. Children above the age of 3 years will have 1 educator for every 11 children in their respective learning groups. For every learning group, there are 2 educators who design and implement programs until the children are handed over to the Government Approved Kindergarten program. This is to ensure that proper attention is given to every child while adhering to the set standards of learning.


Other services offered


Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre offers so much more. If you are looking for long daycare for your child, they offer it. Their kindergarten program is approved by the government. Before and after school care is also offered together with vacation care. The children will get a chance to explore the community garden for many lessons and fun. Children also have access to a water play park that is child-safe. The centre also has a nutrition policy that is centred on the needs of the children. Other activities to find here include dancing and sports.




The centre has beautiful spaces that will capture the imagination of your child. The play areas are carefully put in place to provide a fun learning through play environment. The educators are also qualified and passionate about their work. Therefore, there is no reason to look further than this early learning centre. Many Child care centres in Maroochydore are good but Mountain Creek stands out from the rest.