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Behind the scenes secrets at Sesame Street


Behind the scenes secrets at Sesame Street goes on behind the scenes at Sesame Street? Source: Supplied ITS not every day you get to walk down Sesame Street. The neighbourhood looks just like how I remember it; there’s Hooper’s store in one corner, a Newsstand and the Subway to the left and the iconic Sesame Street stoop on the right.

While generations of kids have learnt their ABCs and 123s for 45 years on the iconic show, the age old question has remained: Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Our favourite characters are everywhere. Oscar the Grouch is guarding the entrance like a doorman from hell, Big Bird is taking a break in a giant nest (he really is as tall as he looks), there’s Count von Count leering at the crew from the end of the street, while the familiar voices of Elmo and Cookie Monster can be heard, hard at work. See more…