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Our Team

mountain creek staff with the children

Our team of highly qualified and engaged educators have worked in the industry for many years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind their teaching practices.  The service received a rating of Exceeding the National Quality Standards in ‘Relationships with Children’ and ‘Staffing Arrangements’ during the assessment process, which is evident in the respectful and reciprocal interactions between our children and staff.  We would love to take you for a tour of our facilities – please phone the centre on 5444 0488 to arrange a visit with Alicia and the team to talk about how we can support your child’s learning journey in our nurturing early childhood centre.

Our team are also on a journey of embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures respectfully and appropriately throughout our service and daily routines.  We want to support our little people in learning about Australia’s true cultural heritage and be proud of our country’s first people.  We want to learn and share their amazing knowledge and traditions, to ensure they will continue for generations to come.  This is something our centre is passionate about – to share this new learning with our families as we work towards reconciliation for the future. 

Alicia Cundy – Kindergarten Teacher

Alicia Cundy – Director

Catherine O’Reilly – Assistant Director

Catherine O’Reilly – Lead Educator

Kahler Miller – Lead Educator

Katie MacLean – Lead Educator

Lauren McNamara - Lead Educator

Cyrena Woode – Educator

Mandy Collins – Kindergarten Teacher

Tess Marshall – Educator

Cheryl Oakford – Kitchen/Educator

Emma Munro – Support Kindy Teacher

Tess Marshall – Educator

Hannah Proudfoot – Educator

Jessica Greenwood – Educator

Aden Hunt – Lead Educator

Tina Sethi – Lead Educator

Jenna Soich – Educator

Sokunna Son – Educator

Kisha Foley – Educator

Margaret Betson – Educator

Cheryl Oakford – Lead Educator

Jessica Barnes-Whiston – Educator

Aundrea Tyson – Lead Educator

Sarah Clare – Lead Educator

Tatiana Delgado – Educator