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Open Door Policy

Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre promotes an ‘Open Door’ policy to encourage families to spend time with their child’s teachers to build fantastic working partnerships between yourselves, your child and our educators.  This helps to ensure the transition into our service is as smooth as possible, so both you and your child feel a part of this important learning journey and develop a strong sense of belonging within our team.  If possible, regular play visits prior to enrolment can help everyone feel more confident and secure within the centre, and become familiar with the educators, environments and routines.  Our team are committed to building genuine, respectful relationships with each child in the centre and have recently been rated as Exceeding in Quality Area 5 – ‘Relationships with Children’ under the National Quality Standards.  

Accepted and Respected

As a team we expect to be ‘accepted and respected’ for who we are and where we come from.  Our educators believe strongly in the many ways of ‘living, being and knowing’ and as such treat all people within our centre with respect and equality.  We have a shared knowledge that all children are unique and capable individuals with the right to feel safe, secure and cared for in a learning environment which promotes a strong sense of belonging and well being for everyone. 

National Quality Standards

We pride ourselves on an amazing team which have recently received a rating of Exceeding in Quality Area 4 – ‘Staffing Arrangements’ under the National Quality Standards.  They have a genuine understanding of children being allowed to ‘be’ and learn at their own pace and through their own ways.  Viewing little people as competent, successful learners, and allowing them time and opportunities to make discoveries and explore the world around them is paramount to our centre and encourages deeper learning connections and relationships to be made.