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Important Before Choosing Cheap Child Care

Cheap child care sunshine coastCheap child care is widely sought after by many parents and guardians these days. As the economic demands of modern living continue to bite, many families have no choice but to consider cheap childcare services. However, before choosing the cheapest daycare centre near you, it is essential to consider a few things. What appears cheap can prove very expensive in the long run. Every parent or guardian wants the very best for their child. From good health to safety, some things can never be compromised. Cheap services may not always provide the needed quality of care for your child. It is therefore critical to look at the top features of a quality childcare service as detailed below; 


A cheap child care centre may not be well equipped


There are fundamental things that make any early childhood centre worthy. The first thing to consider is the environment. Look at the facilities available as well. Is the centre registered by the government and is the learning curriculum approved? There are many other factors as given below;


  1. A welcoming environment for children


The centre’s vicinity and environment must be highly conducive for children. A serene setting that is free from noise pollution and other disturbances is ideal. Young children are motivated by what they see first. Training them the right way starts with an enabling environment. Children also want to have fun, and to this end, there must be suitable spaces that promote play. The features must also stimulate learning and curiosity in children. Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre is an excellent place for your child. The environment is inviting and children from 15 months to school age can find a suitable home away from home.


  1. Excellent facilities


A cheap care centre for children will most likely not have enough facilities. From play areas to classrooms and other amenities, it is crucial to expose your child to a high-quality centre to fully optimize their learning experience. At Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre, you will find many facilities that promote natural play. From decking areas to timber forts, your child will discover lots of activities for fun learning. There is also a water play area that makes for great fun and cools the children down. With a babbling creek bed to a water spout area, only a high-quality care centre can deliver on this. At the centre, children are encouraged to play in nature and elements such as sticks, leaves, sand, and plants are part of a holistic play experience. The classroom and rest areas are also top notch.


  1. High standards of safety


A quality care centre will always make safety for all children a priority. This means that every element of the facility will be tailored to the safety needs of all children. Also, emergency care and provisions are made to cater to anything that may arise. Cheap care centres will most likely not have a comprehensive plan on safety standards. Some centres will not have enough staff members to care for all children adequately. Therefore, putting your child at risk like this is not worth it. At this early childhood centre, safety is kept first, and all areas are safe for children. 


  1. Good child to carer ratio


Mooloolaba cheap child careMany cheap care centres for children will seek to have a high ratio of children to carers. This means that every child will not get the individual attention and care that they deserve. Therefore, learning and general wellness of your child may be overlooked. Instead of choosing a cheap centre, go with a facility with a low ratio of child to caregiver. This will ensure that you get full value for your money. Young children need personal care, and when this is neglected, all manner of problems can come up.


  1. Choose a centre that runs approved programs


A registered centre that runs an approved learning and childcare curriculum is much better than one that does not provide the same. Many cheaper options are not even registered. To this effect, the centres will not meet the basic suitability requirements for quality childcare. Therefore, avoid gambling with your child’s care needs. It is illegal to run a centre that is not registered and approved accordingly. Some due diligence will guide you to the right place. 


  1. Qualified and passionate members of staff


From caregivers to teachers and educators, a centre must be well equipped with proper staff members. Their academic qualifications must be as required, and above this, they must be passionate about caring and educating children. At Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre, you will be delighted to meet highly experienced and qualified workers. They strive to keep the needs of every child first. They create a conducive environment in which children can have fun as they learn. 


What Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre offers


This high-quality care centre for children has a lot to offer. To begin with, the centre has been providing quality services in the Mountain Creek community for well over 20 years. With a wealth of experience, your children will be happy to be part of the community. The learning framework is based on productive play and fun. There is an emphasis on holistic learning and care for nature. Below are other top services offered by the centre;


  • The childhood centre enrols children starting from 15 months to 5 years
  • The kindergarten program is approved by the government and is tailored towards quality learning
  • The centre offers long day care, before and after school care as well as vacation care. Please note that some terms and conditions will apply
  • Parents can enjoy great payment options including Ezidebit
  • Enjoy fee-free public holidays as well
  • The nutrition policy is excellent with healthy meals and tea served to children
  • Children explore their surroundings with frequent community garden excursions
  • There are many play facilities including a water play park
  • Many co-curricular activities including dance, sports and more
  • A team of qualified and passionate educators and caregivers


The dangers of cheap child care


Childcare services and quality therein are governed by the National Quality Framework (NQF). This is the system that sets the standards in which child care should be delivered. This framework applies to all types of childcare including preschool, kindergarten, long day care, outside school care and so on. This system, therefore, informs every parent or guardian the kind of quality every child should have access to in the country. Cheap child care often seeks to compromise on the provisions of the framework.


Only quality care centres adhere to the rules and standards laid out in the framework. Some of the benefits stipulated include the following;


  • Caregivers and educators with increased education and skills to care for children
  • Better child to educator ratios to enhance the quality of care
  • Special attention to every single child to promote individual care
  • Enhanced support for learning and the development of children
  • A system of rating that informs parents about the quality of care provided at a centre


Things that cheap child care centres compromise on


In accordance with the National Quality Framework, every care centre must adhere to the guidelines. However, cheap centres may not perform as needed. You might find that cheap care centres are lacking in the following areas;


  • Environment – the place may not even be conducive for play and learning
  • Inadequate staffing – the child to educator ratios may simply not work
  • Safety and health – children may not be safe, and health can be compromised
  • Personal care – children may not enjoy tailored individual care
  • Reduced learning program – the centre may not run an approved program


How to choose the best child care centre


Cheap child care Mountain CreekWith all the above said, it is not good to assume that all expensive child care centres are the best. The best way to choose a service is to consider all the offerings by the child care services. What you will be looking for is value for your money. Be guided by the national framework that guides childcare services as given above. What does the law require of a child care centre? This is the most critical question to answer. Therefore, choose a service that fully adheres to the regulations. Also, take time to inspect the centre to verify the facilities therein fully. Look at what others are saying about the centre. Online reviews on Google can shed light on the quality of the care centre.


Other factors


Location is another consideration as well as the type of child care you need. Look at your budget and compare various centres. Ultimately, you want to put the needs of your child first. Choose a centre that has all the facilities and the most conducive environment for learning and play. Choose a place that has passionate staff members. The centre must work closely with families for full collaboration. Also, see if you qualify for child care subsidy by the government. Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre gives you value for money. As mentioned above cheap child care is not the best for your child, call us today for a tour!