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ELC Mountain Creek Early Childhood Education with A purpose

ELC Mountain Creek early childhood education centreThe ELC Mountain Creek early childhood education centre focuses on nurturing your kids with a purpose. We are focused on the social, emotional, and physical development of your kids.

We are all about preparing your children for formal schooling and also shaping whom they will become later in life. This is the reason why both the caregivers and parents need to invest in every child so as to increase their chances of success and well being in the future.


Why does ELC Mountain Creek emphasise of quality?

According to Neurological studies, early childhood care plays a significant role in children’s brain development. Your child begins to learn and interact with the world around them much earlier that you can actually imagine. They start as early as during the prenatal period, with this experience tremendously increasing during the perinatal and postnatal period.

Understand that your child’s early experiences deeply affect their future cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. Their success later in life is often determined by the kind of bonds they form with their caregivers and parents.

As such, our major goal is to optimise the experiences of children in their early years. This is the most suitable investment anyone can ever make, by securing the future success of your child from the word go.


How does ELC Mountain Creek Impart these skills?

The strategy is to help them build a strong foundation and prepare them for formal schooling which will help them transition easily. We achieve this by:

Combined learning and fun

Children naturally love to play. In fact, research indicates that children learn best when they are playing. This because playing is not only fun but also creates low-stress conditions that suitably help children to learn new things and absorb new concepts.

Additionally, children are more motivated to attend school when they know they will be having fun. At ELC Mountain Creek, we use a custom curriculum and with the supervision of experienced teachers and caregivers to achieve fun and optimal learning. We also achieve fun and learning by encouraging the kids to cooperate and play with one another.


A Conducive environment

A factor that a number of early childhood care service providers miss, ignore or generally do not the capacity to achieve is a nurturing environment. There are a number of factors that create such an environment.

  • Clean, hygienic and hazard free care facilities
  • Friendly, warm, well trained and qualified staff
  • Learning programs tailored to cater for the children’s unique needs including age-appropriate learning material

For instance, here at ELC Mountain Creek, we provide both child-directed and open-ended programs. This gives the children a chance to carry out their own investigations and explorations.


Help them develop emotional and social skills

This is focused on helping them learn how to cooperate and socialise with their peers. We let them play with their peers, enabling them to understand social cues, negotiation skills, sharing, among other skills. They are supervised by a caregiver, who intervenes when necessary to help them learn important life skills.


The purpose of our early childhood Program

We are focused on building a strong foundation and imparting skills that will last them for a lifetime. Children that go through ELC Mountain Creek early education program, are also more likely to grow into responsible adults.