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Merits of Choosing an Outstanding Day Care Sippy Downs Centre

Day care Sippy Downs centreMany day care Sippy Downs centres will offer good services. However, when it comes to your child, looking for an outstanding day care facility is ideal. Childhood is a very sensitive stage and learning the right way matters greatly. With excellent daycare facilities, you will be giving your child an edge for a better life foundation. Knowing how to identify an outstanding care centre is not hard. Look at the offerings and compare. Above all, choose a place that goes beyond the learning process; look for a service that is truly passionate about early childhood experiences. Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre is one great example. Their unique approach to learning offers holistic merits as highlighted below.



A day care Sippy Downs centre that moulds your child

Mountain Creek is an outstanding daycare centre because it teaches children how to love learning. When a child is eager to learn, they will indeed thrive in every respect. This centre empowers every child to fully exploit their potential to bring out the best in them. In turn, children will develop confidence as they forge forward in life. The early childhood centre seeks to enrol families and not just children. This is because learning is an all-inclusive process that needs the input of every stakeholder. This early childhood facility runs a government approved program to deliver exceptional learning in the highest standards possible compared to some childcare centres in the Sunshine Coast.


A day care Sippy Downs facility passionate about culture and heritage

Unlike other day care centres, Mountain Creek is deeply passionate about teaching children about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. This way, children will learn to appreciate traditional values in a bid to keep the vibrant cultures alive. Knowing more about the people who lived in the country first will also spark curiosity and even instil passion. Above all, it is about respecting people and embracing the true spirit of being human. With a deeper understanding of cultures, the children will play their role in making the world a better place.


A centre that promotes natural play

Playing outdoors in nature is highly beneficial to children. At this facility, there is a special focus on natural play. This includes using tools such as sticks, water, mud, leaves, climbing forts; among others. This is the best way to boost creativity and exploration in children. The play areas are safe and well designed to meet the needs of every age group. Natural elements like a timber fort and decking areas have been incorporated. The water play area is also a great attraction.


A passionate team

From the supervisor to the director and the educators, Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre is furnished by qualified and passionate staff. They all work as a team to deliver the vision of the facility. Children are taken at their own pace with the acknowledgment that every child is unique. The educators fully comply with the laid-out teaching guidelines of the approved framework. They guide children not just in learning but in social interaction to foster vital skills. Many members of the team are parents as well; giving them a better understanding of childhood. This day care Sippy Downs is certainly exceptional.