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Choosing the Right Family day Care Sunshine Coast Care

Family day Care Sunshine Coast Family day care Sunshine Coast understands that one of the most decision parents make is choosing child care. With so much at stake, finding the best care for your child can be a daunting task. There are various providers that offer child care options between the ages of 0 to 5. Such options include:

  • Home-based family child care
  • Child care centres
  • Preschool programs

Whichever option one chooses, your core goal should be focused on quality and value for money.

What is quality child care?

Quality child care has the following elements:

  • A safe, and conducive environment for young children to learn and be nurtured
  • Involves a holistic approach to support a child’s development and general wellbeing


Family Day Care Sunshine Coast Quality Service

Delivery of quality service is a priority for us because the success of our business depends on our reputation. Besides that, our major focus is on the wellbeing of your child. By offering quality care, we effectively promote emotional, social, physical and mental growth.

We also understand that children who receive quality care thrive in school and also in their adult life. Most of all, the parent, can rest assured that their most valued possession is in safe hands.


How Do I choose the right care for My Child?

When it to selecting care for your child, what is at stake is your kid’s wellbeing, happiness and your peace of mind. Typically, when you are about to make an important purchase, you carry out the due diligence to ensure you get quality and value for the money.

You seek opinions from people who’ve used the product, compare prices and quality, among other things. Similarly, when shopping for child care options, carry out even more vigorous research since your child is more important.


Family Day Care Sunshine Coast Recommended Signs of Quality

Healthy child-caregiver Interactions

What you should be looking for is positive interactions between the provider and the children. Such interactions include play, positive talk, reading, laughing among others. These interactions help build a child’s creativity, mental, physical and language skills.

Enjoyable Learning Activities

According to Family Day Care Sunshine Coast, these should include various fun, creative, and age-appropriate educational activities. This helps them to develop natural curiosity which in turn teaches them new skills.

Stimulating Environment

Just as the learning activities should be enjoyable, so should be the environment. A stimulating environment, in this case, means having a variety of play and learning materials and activities. It should also be safe and clean.


The caregivers not only need to be experienced and trained, but they also need to love their jobs. Not everyone has the right temperament to handle small children. As such, having training in early childhood education is not the only requirement to make the cut. The curriculum taught should also meet the child learning needs including special needs.

Family/Parent Involvement

The Family day care sunshine coast encourages parents and family to participate in the child’s care process to help them learn and also check whether that quality care is being provided.