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Choosing the Best Aroona Child Care

Aroona Child CareAt Aroona child care, we focus on providing a home away from home experience to your children. This includes creating an atmosphere that enables your child to become self-motivated, interacts with other kids and adults, and harnesses their creativity. Our facility is bright, warm and welcoming to both the children and the parents. Thus, you are likely to experience fewer tantrums when you drop off your kids at our daycare.

Aroona Child Care Facilities

Individual classrooms, restrooms, and playgrounds are uniquely designed to delight and challenge children of all ages. Moreover, they are safe enough for the kids to run around. However, we don’t leave it at that the kids are supervised during play, to ensure that they are not only safe but also that they are playing effectively. Professional cleaners maintain the facility spotlessly clean, including sanitisation of toys and other play equipment.



Experienced Child Caregivers

The beauty of our service is the fact that we take care of children as young as 15 months up to those who are five years. Our teachers follow specific teaching plans and themes to ensure all that needs to be imparted is covered. However, they also grab the opportunity to teach when a child experiences or discovers a learning moment. This could be as simple as learning how to work their jacket zipper or discovering a strange insect on the playground. Our staff is highly trained, experienced and passionate about children. It is common to find the caregivers playing with the children and teaching them at their ground level.



Aroona Child Care Active Learning

We understand that children learn best by exploring their surroundings through direct experiences and play. This is the reason why we encourage active learning in all our learning levels. This way, learning becomes a continuous interactive process. The kids don’t even know they are leaning. They manipulate, touch, experiment and play with different items and materials. Aroona Child Care teaching program focuses more on the learning process, rather than the product.


Our teachers initiate learning by creating an idea. The children are then allowed to handle the task in their own creative way based on what they’ve learned and also what they want to achieve. The learning also includes supervised risky play, especially among older children, to help them build confidence and to master particular skills.



Skills Taught

The children are taught various skills to prepare them for school and to help in their development process. These include:


  • Beginner reading skills where the children are introduced to the language through storyboards, books, and normal conversations throughout the day.
  • Introduction to a new colour, concept, theme, or skill regularly.
  • Are taught writing skills which include drawing or scribbling.
  • Fine muscle skills development through the use of child’ safe scissors, bristle blocks, paper tearing, pegboards, !egos, among others.
  • Creative Expression through songs, dance, art, puppets etc.
  • Math concepts by use of manipulatives to foster the discovery of shapes size, and colour.
  • Large muscles development through climbing, skipping, hopping, galloping, riding toys, marching, sliding, push/pull toys, swinging and manipulating balls.
  • Social skills development


The bottom line is that we carry out age-appropriate activities to help the children learn best and to prevent the risk of injury. To get to learn more about Aroona child care services, get in touch with us right now!