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Child Care Aroona Things You Need to Know

Child Care AroonaChild care Aroona understands that choosing the right daycare facility for your child requires you to take careful considerations. A quality child care centre should have the following qualities:

  • Experience
  • Affordable Fees
  • A solid reputation
  • Effective curriculum
  • Enough experienced staff
  • Parent satisfaction


Is this the first time you are considering childcare? Are you satisfied with your current childcare provider?
Maybe it is time to start working with a quality child care facility to not only give you peace of mind but also to get to ensure optimal holistic development of your child?


What’s Great About Child Care Aroona?

We have an excellent reputation for offering quality child care services to children from ages of 15 months to 5 years. Majority of our enrolments are referrals from happy parents who are always glad to refer their friends and relatives to us. Moreover, we are a licensed institution that strives to offer the highest standards and operates under the strictest guidelines in the childcare industry. We are all about quality which is reflected by the fact that we are not only an educationally enriched centre but also offer our services with love. This makes us a perfect choice for parents looking to have peace of mind when they leave their children under our care.


Child Care Aroona Staff

We are incredibly selective about who we hire to work at Child Care Aroona. This includes not only the teachers and caregivers but also the cleaning service. Our staff members have undergone a rigorous vetting process which includes background checks. Moreover, they must have the right qualifications, training, experience and most of all, they must demonstrate that they love taking care of children. Our staff also undergoes continuous training at our facility, including first aid training to ensure that they offer the best services and are equipped to deal with any emergencies.


Pre-school Learning

We understand that quality pre-school education not only prepares the kids for school but also its outcomes can be reflected throughout their life. Our hands-on and creative learning curriculum focuses on the holistic development of your child. This means that our learning process goes beyond academic learning. We offer age-appropriate education that helps:


  • Develop their motor skills
  • Sharpen their creativity through independent problem-solving
  • Development of their language skills
  • Development of writing skills
  • Enhance their social and emotional skills, including the ability to negotiate, share, and to work cooperatively with the other kids.


Some Important Questions for You

Is the well-being of your children a priority? Then wouldn’t you settle for a reputable day-care centre that focuses on the holistic development of your child? We want to encourage you to pay us a visit to have a first-hand experience of our services. You will be greeted with happy smiles from both the children and our staff, which tells the whole story.

We are a facility that offers a nurturing and safe environment that includes age-appropriate learning and play. The beauty of our service is that we too are parents. Thus, we understand that parents value the peace of mind, given the fact that they have dropped off their child in a facility where they are safe, nurtured, loved, and educationally challenged. Call child care Aroona right now so that you can schedule a visit or to discuss more details.