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Cheap Daycare Warana

Are you looking for Cheap Daycare in Warana? Well, choosing the right daycare option for our children is one of the biggest decisions you will face as a parent of an infant. The truth is, you are trusting strangers to take care of the most precious thing in your life. And there are many factors to consider and more often than not money can dictate our options, and it can seem like the only option is to look for cheap daycare in Warana and hope you can find something that works for your family.

Why choose a Daycare centre?

Daycare centres are one of the cheapest childcare options except for care provided by friends or family, as home daycare or a nanny is a much more personal service, it comes with a hefty price tag. But just because it is cheaper, doesn’t mean it comes without its benefits:

Much more affordable than a Nanny care service (sometimes more than half the price)

  • It is super reliable (if your Nanny calls in sick you will not have an alternative where are Daycare Centers rarely close)
  • Ample supervision of children.
  • The children socialise with other kids of the same or different age groups, increasing their socialisation skills from a young age.
  • Staff members are all fully trained in early childhood education.
  • They will be licensed and regulated

The Benefits of Cheap Daycare in Warana

If money is a concern for you, a simple google search of ‘Cheap Daycare in Warana’ will bring you a range of options and to have a variety of choices means you can look at the type of childcare they provide, who they are regulated by and the location in comparison to your home or workplace.

The Negatives of Cheap Daycare in Warana

But of course, searching by price alone means compromises have to be made. For example:

  • Cheaper daycare tends to have more rigid pick-up and drop off times, with late fees applicable.
  • Cheaper daycare is more likely to have higher children to caregiver ratios, meaning your child receives less personal and individual care.
  • Materials and activities used by the children may not be the best available.
  • Children could have less freedom in choosing the activities and areas they wish to play in, as there are fewer caregivers available to sustain simultaneous activities.
  • Cheaper daycare options may not be open during public holidays or weekends, and you may need this option.

Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre

At Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre, they pride themselves on having a balance between being affordable and providing the best service they can not only to your child but to you as a family. They have many offers, including fee-free public holidays (T’s & C’s apply), for families where costs may be a barrier in having the best childcare option for their child.

The teachers think outside of the box to provide your children when an excellent learning experience, as well as incorporating fun and free choice outdoor play — teaching your children about the importance of socialising, Australian history, sustainability and so much more! At the centre they are not focused on being the “Cheap Daycare in Warana” but the best!