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Caloundra Child Care

  Caloundra Child CareEarly childhood care and education plays a significant role not only in the life of the child but the entire family as well. Quality child care near Caloundra can be difficult to find and they should provide children with unlimited learning opportunities and help them to learn and grow at their own pace.  Families need assurance that their child is enrolled in a secure and nurturing environment that will cater to their individual needs and understand them for who they are, rather than expecting them to fit into a one size fits all approach.  

Why Quality and Consistency Matters in Early Childhood Care

Because of the busy working environment on the Sunshine Coast from Caloundra to Mooloolaba, families find Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre is the best option for their little ones.  Our service caters for children from 15 months through to school age.  Research has proven that during these formative early years of their lives, children go through a critical psychological and social development cycle which requires the support of consistent and high-quality care and learning opportunities. 

The Benefits of Caloundra Child Care

As a parent in Caloundra, the best decision you can ever make in promoting the welfare of your children especially in the formative years of their lives is enrolling them in a quality Caloundra child care system. There are lots of benefits they will certainly get from this:

Social and Emotional Development

Caloundra Child Care institutions help your children to develop meaningful relationships both with their peers as well as the adults present in the facility. This provides them with a sense of social and emotional security which is critical in shaping up their personality. According to research, emotional and social comfort is critical in enhancing cooperation, competency, and learning as well as reducing aggressive behaviours.

Cognitive Development

Children enrolled in an early childcare program that offers quality services benefit from an all round development-oriented curricula that boosts their cognitive capacities. From infancy all the way through to age five, exposure to programs that enhance the child’s skills and knowledge help in expanding their scope of learning. Putting in place milestones in the learning process is also important as a progress monitoring tool. 

Language Development

Children enrolled in a secure early childhood care environment with people around them stand a higher chance of engaging in frequent and age-appropriate conversations which boost their language skills and vocabulary development. Activities such as finger plays, sporting and dance programs, community garden excursions, and read-alouds take advantage of the rapid learning phase the children are in to develop their fundamental language skills. Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre is among the most renowned and professionally constituted early child care institutions in the Sunshine Coast area. Having operated in Mountain Creek for over 20 years, the early childhood centre extends its reach to cover Caloundra child care as well.