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Bella Grace Early Learning Centre

Bella Grace Early Learning Centre is an educational institution that provides excellent learning programs for kids aged. The centre is situated in Queensland with several centres in Brightwater, Beerwah, Aroona and Chancellor Park.

When compared to Mountain Creek Early Learning Centre, both early childhood centres seem to be at par in terms of services offered, learning programs available, staff qualifications and overall philosophies. Despite the similarities, both have unique attributes.

Bella Grace Early Learning Centre vs. Mountain Creek ELC

The differences between Bella Grace and Mountain Creek revolve around several aspects. These include:

– Costs
Bella Grace is somewhat expensive as far as costs are concerned. This makes it out of reach for most parents. In contrast, Mountain Creek is comparatively affordable, and they offer special benefits such as fee-free public holidays to all parents.

– Environment
Mountain Creek believes that children should learn and play the natural way. The centre believes that outdoor play where children play in mud, water and sand while exploring their environment is the best way to foster learning. This approach is hardly the case at Bella Grace Early Learning Centre.

– Teaching and support staff
The teachers and support staff at Mountain Creek Early Learning Centre are not only passionate about their work but also extremely friendly to children. They know how to talk, encourage and counsel children appropriately. The teachers and educators are also easily approachable, making it easier for parents to find out about their kids’ progress.

– Cultural heritage
If you are looking for an early learning centre that minds about the history of our country and its people, then search no further than Mountain Creek Early Learning Centre. The services offered at Mountain Creek embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures thereby teaching children about Australia’s true cultural heritage from a tender age. With this diversity, children learn how to appreciate and respect other cultures at an early age.

– Educational philosophy
Mountain creek’s educational philosophy advocates for a holistic approach that focuses on teaching the child important life skills from a very early age. In contrast,

Why choose Mountain Creek ELC Over Bella Grace ELC?

With the emergence of various early learning centres, parents now have a choice as far as the education of their child is concerned. Here are some of the reasons you should choose Mountain Creek over other childhood centres.

1).  Quality learning programs
2).  High level of hygiene and cleanliness
3).  Excellent facilities
4).  Highly qualified educators
5).  Competent staff
6).  Affordable costs
7).  Fee-free public holidays
8).  A wide range of services

Contact Mountain Creek Early Learning Centre

At Mountain Creek Early Learning Centre, we believe that childhood education does not have to be expensive. We provide excellent learning programs to lay the best foundation for your child. Our programs are tailored for children as young as 15 months to school age. Moreover, our doors are always open for parents wishing to tour the facility before enrolling their child. Visit Mountain Creek Early Learning Centre today to see what we have to offer in comparison to Bella Grace Early Learning Centre.