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Aroona Child Care Centre

Aroona Child Care CentreAt Aroona child care centre, we strive to provide a lively yet safe, and caring environment for your child. We understand that learning among children cannot take place if they do not feel safe in the environment, they are immersed in as such, we go beyond providing a secure environment to win the child’s trust. We also offer an educationally creative environment that stimulates learning through an organised yet playful setting. Such a learning setting allows interactions among children and with their caregivers to be fun and positive.



Aroona Child Care Centre Teaching and Learning

Children mature and advance at different rates. We embrace each child’s uniqueness; this allows them to learn when they feel ready or most comfortable to do so. When a child is forced to learn, it creates stress for them and may become an impediment to their learning progress. Our teachers and caregivers encourage them to learn at their own pace; i.e. without coercion. This includes having multiple entry points into learning activities and projects.


To crown it all, we make learning a fun process. As such, our curriculum is designed to stimulate the self-exploration desire. We harness their curious and playful nature into useful and meaningful learning directions. Fortunately, children learn best through play. However, we do not leave them to their own devices. They are closely monitored by our teachers who can play with them at the ground level. This way, they can tell when a child needs a gentle push in the right direction and also ensure that the children explore safely.



Aroona Child Care Centre Learning Programs

We strive to steer away from the ‘institutional’ learning approach, which is usually limiting, uniform and quite ‘sterile.’ Our learning environment is generally relaxed, comfortable and secure in nature. This makes the children feel valued, or rather a home away from home once they walk through our doors. We also have an exceptional curriculum that is designed for holistic child development, which includes:


  • Emotional Development
  • Language and Communication
  • Creative Art
  • Science and Nature
  • Dramatic Play
  • Socialisation skills
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Daily Outdoor play
  • Music and Movement
  • Health, Nutrition and Physical Fitness
  • Nurturing the love of Books and Reading
  • Character Education including self-respect and respect for others and their property, sharing, responsibility, cooperation, and self-control
  • Encourage creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving
  • Foster self-esteem and confidence
  • Teach self-help skills and good hygiene
  • Having fun


Our Child Care Facility

Our state-of-the-art education centre provides the right environment for your children, to learn, play, interact with others and become more creative. We also focus on preparing the kids for mainstream school. Research indicates that children who go through quality pre-school programs have better outcomes when they join a school and even later in their life. With this in mind, we purposely created exceptional early child learning opportunities that go beyond keeping children occupied while their parents are at work; to helping them grow holistically. To learn more about our Aroona child care centre facility, call us to schedule an appointment.