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What to Expect from a Professional Early Learning Centre Sippy Downs

Early Learning Centre Sippy DownsThe best early learning centre Sippy Downs has to offer is one that is both professional and child centred.  Setting the right foundation in every young child is critical in supporting their learning and development from a holistic perspective. Therefore, taking the time to find the right learning centre for your child and family is a great investment.  Choosing an early childcare centre can be difficult at times. This is because there are many services which seem to promise the very best, although quality early learning is more than shiny bells and whistles.  Researching what services offer and their philosophy on children and learning is the most effective way to determine whether they will be the right fit for your child. There are many things to expect from a great early learning institution; below is a breakdown.


An early learning centre in Sippy Downs  with years of experience

Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre is the best example of a child-centred early learning service.  With over 20 years of experience in the early childcare sector, they have won the trust of parents by providing high-quality professional and holistic services. The centre is consistently driven to inspire children to learn through their play.  Through innovative and creative methods of teaching and learning, the service seeks to transform not just the children enrolled but to also positively impact their local community for years to come. Years of experience in the business has built credibility, with more and more parents thankful that they chose Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre for their child to learn, grow and flow.  Families expect high-quality services in relation to their child’s learning and development as this is a solid investment for the future. Investing in your child’s learning and growth now will set the theme for who they become as they grow.


An early learning centre in Sippy Downs with a comprehensive learning program

At Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre, we implement Government approved learning frameworks and follow best practices when it comes to teaching and learning for children at the centre. We run a Free Flow curriculum as opposed to outdated practices of segregating children into age groups for learning.  This allows children the freedom to decide what they would like to learn each day and supports their sense of belonging within the centre.  The service accommodates children from the age of 15 months to 12 years and utilises staffing ratios of 1 educator to 5 children for 15 months – 3 years and 1 educator to 11 children for over 3 years in each of their learning groups.  Our learning groups each have 2 educators designing and implementing programs and the children will remain with these teachers until they move into our Government approved Kindergarten program. 


This ensures that strong working partnerships and relationships are built between children, families, and educators.  Mountain Creek Early Childhood Centre designed and implements one of the most innovative natural learning programs offered on the Sunshine Coast.  Creek Kindy is delivered each week for the Kindergarten children, where the children and teachers catch a bus to a local conservation area and spend the morning exploring and learning in nature.  No toys and no ‘external stimulation’ except for nature!  This learning program is amazing for all children to reconnect with nature, experiment with how to take safe risks, and learn how to protect and care for their planet and the environment.  Early learning in the most genuine and authentic way possible.


Great amenities for children

At this centre, the facilities promote natural play and exploration with recently renovated and interactive outdoor play spaces.  The children will love to explore the water play park, bike tracks, climbing fort, bush tucker and herb gardens, the yarning circle and famous sand and mud pits! The service also offers incursions from various sports programs which attend the centre such as Billy’s Buddies rugby league for the children to participate.  All of these programs and learning spaces are geared towards inspiring every child to be creative and learn in the most natural and holistic way. In addition to the amazing play areas and creative programs such as Creek Kindy, the centre also offers a school care and vacation care program for older siblings.  And to ensure all of the children have enough energy to learn, grow and flow at the centre each day, they provide nutritious morning tea and lunch for all children which is freshly made in our very own kitchen daily. 


Excellent work ethic

The educators and teachers are highly passionate about their work in the early childhood sector. As part of the service philosophy and centre vision, staff strive to make every child feel at home and have a strong sense of well-being and belonging.  This is what makes the facility stand out from the rest.  You can be sure that your child is in great hands at Mountain Creek Early Childhood, and will learn, grow and flow at their own pace.  This early learning centre Sippy Downs is certainly a great option for early childhood development.