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A Guide on How to Apply for a Child Care Rebate in Australia

A Guide on How to Apply for a Child Care Rebate in Australia If you are wondering how to apply for a child care rebate in Australia, this article sheds more light. Understanding the intricacies will enable you to benefit fully in this regard. First, you must know that the government changed its child care support system effective from the 2nd of July 2018. Before this date, the Child Care Rebate and Child Care Benefit systems were in use. These systems were collapsed into one care regime referred to as the Child Care Subsidy. Therefore, rebates and benefits are no longer relevant. Having said this, people who wish to claim rebates and benefits for child care fees used before the 2nd of July 2018 can submit a claim; the deadline is 30th June 2019. After this, all rebate and benefit claims will no longer apply.


How to apply for a child care rebate in Australia correctly

With the above, learning how to apply for the new Child Care Subsidies becomes pivotal. The first thing is to consider whether you qualify or not. The government seeks to encourage more and more parents to go back to work. In this regard, the more the working hours for parents, the more the subsidy. This subsidy is paid directly to the child care providers approved by the government. Therefore, the benefit is in terms of child care fee reduction. Some of the top eligibility requirements are; being able to care for your child several nights every fortnight or 14% care, meeting rules of residency, meeting immunisation requirements and many more. Get all the details on the government’s Department of Human Services website.


How to apply for child care rebate Australia successfully

Once you have determined your eligibility for the Child Care Subsidy, you have to prepare the necessary supporting documents. The best way to make a claim is online. Visiting the departments website mentioned above and creating an account is the first step. Through the Centrelink option, get started and fill in all the required details. When you have answered all questions, you will be able to submit your claim. You can track your claim through the account or using an app provided. Through your online account, you will know whether you have successfully satisfied all the requirements.


How much subsidy will your family get?

There are many factors that will determine the subsidy amount. Some families will get childcare fee reduction of 85%, 50% and even 20%. The idea is to help more needy families with a bigger subsidy. The top determinants of the childcare fee cut include the total income of the family or combine income, the kind of work or activity undertaken by the parents, and the type of child care the family chooses to use.


Approved activities for parents

Activities undertaken by parents under the subsidy requirements can either be paid or unpaid. However, they have to contribute to the betterment of your work life. They include self-employment, family business, paid work and leave, job seeking activities, paid parental leaves, volunteering, training, and studying; the list goes on. With the above, you should know how to apply for the child care rebate in Australia, in its revised format.